• Understand the training needs
  • Little acceptance by learners of the need to take responsibility for their own development
  • Failure to follow through learning beyond an event or course
  • Failing to achieve high value via transfer of the learning
  • Engaging learners
  • Delivering Consistent Training
  • Quantifying Training Effectiveness
  • Improving Learning Effectiveness


COIGN has developed a comprehensive program to convert student into assets through “Asset Development Program” which is a unique form of CRT- Campus Recruitment Training, where each student is provided personalized attention in assessing her/his strengths and weaknesses and work on them to excel in their careers .

COIGN has been providing campus recruitment training since 6 years and has understood in catering students in an innovative way. We have developed an online portal which helps students to identify their key performing areas and at the same time helps the college to have an eye on the learning’s of the student.

S.No Module No. Hours
1 Quantitative Aptitude 12
2 Logical Reasoning 12
3 Verbal Ability 12
4 Soft Skills 12
5 Technical – IT 12
Note: We also have modules for 72, 96, 108, 140 hours.

Highlights of our Training

Our series of assessments and our one of its kind evaluation sheet will help you to conduct realistic training need identification.
Initial interaction team to Understand your requirements better later to deliver the training program as per the expectations.
Career Counseling by Expert Counselors.
Batch segregation based on the result of the Pre Training Assessment Test
Video lectures from industry Experts and professorsfrom top schools in the country
Mobile application for each student for Continuous learning in Mobility.
24x7 Availability of support team and expert assistance.
Detailed Performance Analysis Report for the understanding of Students & College management.
Discussion of Concepts in Aptitude and Employability skills in line with latest company patterns.
Session of Language Skills to improve the communication skills of the students.
KNOWDEGE.COM -- A Online Assessment Portal with more than 6000 + questions for practice.
Video Recording of GDs and Mock Interviews for detailed review to the students*
Experts Faculty with wide exposure across various verticals of Business, Talent Development, Education.
Our English language modules are developed by a team of experienced SMEs from top universities lie Osmania University, EFLU, HCU etc….
Our lesson plan is designed in such a way that humor in teaching is a vital part of the module which can make training more interesting and engaging.
Our various realistic and skill based assignments will help the college to assess the learning's of the students

Our Process


  • Higher success rates in upcoming placements.
  • Can bridge Industry-academia gap.
  • Understand the training needs
  • Can easily monitor student's performance through TPO login
  • Can Identify areas of improvement of each student and work upon it
  • Ability to schedule tests


  • Every student will undergo Skill Vs Aspiration evaluation and Career Counseling Basing on its result.
  • Understanding the current levels of Aptitudes & Attitudes of students.
  • Access to Subject Matter Expertise (SME) 24/7
  • Strengthen Domain Skills & Communication Skills.
  • Better Internship and Employment Opportunity
  • Become competent and confident individual.
  • Be prepared to succeed in recruitment process.


  • Our experience In the field of training since years undertaking both Private firms/ NGO's / Government projects have helped us to design various exercises to maintain the learning curve of the students.
  • We are one among the few organization to be associated with International organizations like UNDP for conducting Career Counseling, soft skills training for 20,000 degree students across Telangana.
  • Our modules are designed to be interactive based and not just one way training.
  • Our modules go through 24 individual quality checks before they are placed on our shelves
  • All our trainings are situational based and designed with realistic examples which the students will be able to relate with.
  • We conduct 150+ Technical training programs and train more than 17000+ students every year.
  • Trained student of JNTU Kakinada for a record placements of 220 in TCS.
  • Conducted mock interviews to 1200+ students in the last academic year
  • Have 2 resources dedicated 24/7 to help students clarify their doubts through our portal
  • Conducted 500+ hours of post training doubts clarification sessions for the colleges where we have done CRT.
  • Formulated a self preparation plan that was appreciated by the management of many Engineering Colleges and Universities.


KnowDedge is a tool that takes you to a virtual learning environment where you can find online resources to fine tune your skills that help you in getting employed. KnowDed ge is devised to focus e-learning which is any day more interactive, intuitive, efficient, useful and fun when compared to the age old, boring and conventional classroom learning.

Below given are the features of the same:

Students are provided with videos related to Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning Ability, Verbal Ability and Technical Ability which help them to refer and prepare for the particular topic. The content for the videos are designed to make students understand the topics from a basic level.

The user is provided with 1 exercise to practice for each of the topics related to Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning Ability, Verbal Ability and Technical Ability which can be attempted any number of times by a student. Here the user has an opportunity to view the solution to a particular question while practicing the question.

The user is provided with 1 topic wise test to practice for each of the topics, each of the tests is a timed test with a duration of 15 to 20 minutes depending on the number and level (easy,medium, difficult) of questions, on submission the students are provided with the score and performance rating pertaining to the test which will help them to improve the self awareness of a student with regard to time management and efficiency in attempting tests.

This tool is designed to allow student to write essay, and our tool will do all the grammar check. The students will be told about the mistakes they have done while writing the essays.

Provides a detailed question wise report which helps the student in assessing where he / she stands with respect to a particular topic. It provides the student with the analysis of the correct answer against the answer opted by the student.

this report depicts the performance of a student for a particular test paper with respect to number of questions attempted correctly pertaining to each and every topic included in it.

With this report, the student gets to know his / her performance related to the difficulty level of the questions attempted and can easily work at his / her accuracy levels with the help of the detailed analysis of the number of questions at each level of difficulty attempted by the student, number of questions that are correct and that are incorrect.

This report covers the aspect of the time taken by the student in attempting each and every question of a given test paper. We also provide the ideal suggested time for each particular question. This analysis helps the student to be aware of areas he or she needs to concentrate on with respect to managing time while attempting the company specific test papers.

In this world of competition, it is always good to know where we stand on the line of our peers. This feature highlights on comparing the student score with scores of topper in the same college and also with the one who has been the topper among all those who have attempted this particular test online.

Most of the technical topics are supported with Assignments where the students will be given with problem statements and are asked to solve them. The students are expected to write the code for the same in the portal which will be executed using the inbuilt compiler

Assessment is a section where every student is introduced to company specific test papers pertaining to renowned companies like Infosys, TCS, CTS etc. Each of the tests is designed according to the original company pattern to make the student familiar with the pattern of respective company papers.

If a student encounters a query or a doubt while attempting any of the tests there is an option of asking an expert, which will be resolved within the next 24 hrs of being posted. All these queries will be addressed by our team of experts and the student will be able to view them on logging onto the site.

Moblile Applications

COIGN Vocabulary APP

In this APP all the similar tough words are grouped and shown in a simple way. One of the coolest feature in this app is you can listen to pronunciation for each word & its meaning.

The basic idea behind building this APP is to provide the students with a tool which they can use while travelling to the college or while going back from college.

The free version of this APP already has 8000+ downloads and 308 star rating in GOOGLE PLAY


This is a tool developed for maintaining the learning curve of students, the students are made to install this APP onto their mobile phones once they complete their training. The algorithm is written in such a way that every day 20 questions (5 each from Quant, Verbal, Reasoning and Technical) will be pushed onto the app. The students’ are expected to solve the questions. They can check for the solutions for all the questions.