An internship can change your life',
says everyone who has ever done any relevant internship

Google HR executive: Sanjeev and Rajeev, you both have been shortlisted. Tell me why should I hire you?

Sanjeev: I have excellent grades, 3 presentations, 1 department project, excellent co-curricular and a recommendation letter.

Rajeev: All that, plus I did a summer internship at Microsoft.

Google HR to Rajeev – You’re hired!

We understand it was a truly terrible, tiny tale (and we promise to fire our Editor-in-Chief for this), but it underlines one very important fact – how crucial an internship is in one's career.

Selection Procedure

We will review all the applications and all the eligible applicants will be assessed through a assessment test, Those who have cleared the assessment test will be given Internship opportunity FREE of cost. Others have to pay for it

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