Technical Trainings

The best way to understand coding is to CODE IT


Every workshop is organized in such a way, where a student has an opportunity to code or work on the theoretical knowledge which he/she has acquired, simultaneously, which in turn builds confidence in a student. 85% of the time students will be sitting on the system and writing code. In each of the workshops, a student will be writing atleast 600 lines of code.

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Faculty Training

We conduct Teachers' Training and FDP program to empower them with the modern Teaching Methodology. Our Trainees include : Teachers of schools and professors of Colleges and universities. We conduct training programs on all latest technologies, new trends, Voice & Accent,Career Counselling, Grooming, Personality Development, Motivational Leadership etc.,

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Finishing School

COIGN has designed a one of its kind Comprehensive Finishing School program. It is believed that this program will be going a long way in bridging the industry-academia gap that all of us are so well aware of. Students undergo a CUSTOMISED WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT (CWD) program according to the needs of a recruiting company. Students from finishing school can expect a better placement over others. The students are selected after an examination in C Language Programming and general aptitude and are interviewed for securing seats into the Finishing School. COIGN’s Finishing School Experienced a 98% of success in its first 3 batches.

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Academic Projects

The intention of having projects in the academics is to make students implement the concepts learned in the class room into an actual project. Finally it is the actual implementation of concepts & understanding of actually doing it that helps students meet the industry expectations in the recruitment process in-campus/off-campus. We have precise understanding of the industry expectations and the missing links at the academic level. We believe that young engineers can be sensitized onto working in well organized industry environment by taking them through a well planned drill during academic project execution.

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