C vs Python Workshop

C vs Python Workshop

Python and C are both powerful programming languages that can be used for a variety of programming tasks. Each has benefits and drawbacks (as do all programming languages) and these are both skills you should add to your repertoire as a successful computer programmer

Course Contents

Introduction to C language, Background Process In C,Introduction to Python, Differeence between C and Python, Syntax of python, advantages of python, Discussion on C algorithms and how to write code in python, Python - Basic Syntax

  • Python - Variable Types
  • Python - Basic Operators
  • Python - Decision Making
  • Python - Loops
  • Python - Numbers
  • Python – Strings
  • Python - Functions
  • Python - Files I/O
  • Python - Lists
  • Python - Tuples
  • Python- Exceptions, Exception handing mechanism




Hands on Hours

18 Hours

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Jahnavi Sudha P

Business Development Manager


Senior Technical Trainer

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