C with Algorithms

C with Algorithms

This Workshop enhances your knowledge in writing algorithms in C

Course Contents

  • Programs In session
  • Introduction about c Language and background process
  • Logical Programs
    1. Algorithm for Lucas Number
    2. Algorithm for Black Jack
    3. Algorithm for Leyland Numbers
    4. Algorithm for Amicable Numbers
    5. Algorithm for Harshad Numbers
    6. Algorithm for Calculating Electricity Bill
    7. Algorithm to decode a given string. If ""LENTH"" = ""NGPVJ""
    8. Sum of digits of number
    9. Armstrong Number
    10. Perfect Number
    11. Count no of words and characters in string
    12. Remove vowel in a string
    13. Algorithm to print taylor's series
    14. Algorithm for Menu Driven Calculator
    15. Algorithm for Converting given string into lower case
    16. Algorithm for Reverse all words but not string
    17. To count of each digit occuring in given number
    18. Adding complex nos
    19. Algorithm for Pascal's Triangle
    20. Algorithm to provide ATM Transaction
    21. Algorithm to display its own source code
    22. Algorithm to print numbers without using loops
    23. Insert into sorted array
    24. Program to Insert First Node in a Linked List
    25. Algorithm to find Second Biggest of three Numbers
    26. GCD of numbers
    27. To find the position of character and no of times character repeat in string
    28. Stack Using Array
    29. Program to Delete First Node in a Linked List
    30. Program to Delete Last Node in a Linked List




Hands on Hours

18 Hours

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Hari Yadav

Senior Technical Trainer

Sudha Reddy

Lead Technical Trainer

Naveen Gude

Lead Technical Trainer

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