C with Gaming Workshop

C with Gaming Workshop

The rise of social media and gaming sites has resulted in the creation of largely unregulated, multinational economies. These economies, which include both real and virtual currencies, generate billions of dollars in person-to-person transactions. Payments providers have a potential opportunity to leverage this medium and participate in these economies, but must first understand the environment, players and potential risks. This workshop will provide an overview of the rise of social media and gaming sites, the types of person-to-person transactions taking place, the role that payment companies play, and examples of how companies are currently participating in, and benefiting from social media interactions.

Course Contents

  • Introduction to Game Development
    • Introduction to game development
    • case studies on how games are developed
    • Introduction to how VR works
    • Working of game engines
    • Understanding the usage of unity interface
    • Level design hands on session in unity (Blue print paper work, Adding game objects, rearranging the game objects)
    • Testing the game in unity editor.
  • C# Basics and advance level
    • Advanced level design hands-on in unity (working with camera, working with lighting, setting up 3d objects)
    • Introduction to C# unity libraries
    • Programming a character in unity using mono develop
    • Debugging and attaching the code
    • Adding interface (start screen, game over screen)
    • Adding the developed levels into unity game builder
    • Building the final game to generate playable export(.exe,.pkg,.dmg)
  • Scratch Introduction
    • Introduction to 2d game development
    • Tools available for 2d game development
    • scratch introduction
    • 2d development in Unity
    • Exporting the final game
    • Marketing the game




Hands on Hours

12 Hours

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Sudha Reddy

Lead Technical Trainer

Ramesh V

Lead Technical Trainer

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