Hadoop Workshop

Hadoop Workshop

Our Big Data, Data Science Master program lets you gain proficiency in Big Data & Data Science. You will work on real world projects in Hadoop development, administration, testing, analyst, HDFS, MapReduce, Hive, Pig

Course Contents

  • Introduction to Big Data & Hadoop and its Ecosystem, Map Reduce and HDFS
    What is Big Data, Where does Hadoop fit in, Hadoop Distributed File System – Replications, Block Size, Secondary Namenode, High Availability, Understanding YARN – ResourceManager, NodeManager,HDFS
  • Mapreduce
    How Mapreduce Works, How Reducer works, How Driver works, Combiners, Partitioners, Input Formats, Output Formats, Shuffle and Sort, Mapside Joins, Reduce Side Joins, MRUnit, Distributed Cache
  • Data analysis
    Weather Data analysis and Matrix Multiplication using Map reduce technique.
  • Apache Hive
    Hive - Home, Introduction, Installation, Data Types, Create Database, Drop Database, Create Table, Alter Table, Drop Table
  • HiveQL and Apache Pig
    HiveQL-Where, Order By, Group By, Joins Apache Pig- Introduction, Overview, Architecture, Environment, Installation Execution, Grunt Shell Pig Latin, Pig Latin - Basics, Load & Store Operators, Reading Data, Storing Data




Hands on Hours

18 Hours

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Durga Naveen K


Jahnavi Sudha

Business Development Manager

Hari Yadav

Senior Technical Trainer

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