IoT Gateway Workshop

IoT Gateway

IoT based Home Automation using Arduino. This workshop is intended to design a smart wireless network to connect all the home appliances to the internet, to monitor and control, from the remote network like Wi-Fi.This workshop helps the IoT beginners to select the wireless processing platform for their real time applications. It also enhances their knowledge in Cloud base interfaces using open-source communities like Microsoft azure, Thingspeak, Sigfox etc.

Course Contents

  • Day 1:
    • Morning:
      • Introduction to processing platforms.
      • Introduction to Wireless sensor networks.
      • Introduction to Arduino processing Platform and its Programming.
      • Introduction to Cloud interfaces and Web Server-Client applications.
    • Afternoon:
      • Introduction to Serial Communication.
      • Theory about Wi-Fi protocols and their working.
      • Introduction to ESP8266 Wi-Fi gateway.
        (Samples: Led Blinking, Analog Sensor Processing, Serial Communication.)
  • Day 2:
    • Morning:
      • Interfacing ESP8266 with Arduino.
      • Interfacing Relay with Arduino.
      • Building a Web Server Code for Arduino.
      • Registering with Cloud Service to transfer data between loads and internet.
    • Evening:
      • Programming the Arduino Board using ISP cable
      • Connecting to a Wi-Fi network and testing the code.
      • Controlling the Appliance with 0,1 commands through internet browser.
        (Sample: Interfacing ESP with Arduino and writing code for Web Server Application)




Hands on Hours

12 Hours

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Praneeth Naidu

Lead Technical (ECE)


Lead Technical Trainer

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