Java Workshop

Java Workshop

In this hands-on course, participants acquire the skills they need to write stand-alone, client/server, and intranet applications in Java.

Course Contents

  • Java
    Introduction to Java, Features of Java, Introduction to JDK, JRE and JVM. Comparing with other equivalent technologies, JVM Architecture, Introduction to J2SE programming, Structure of Java Program, Datatypes, Identifiers, Operators and Control Structures
  • OOPS
    Class, Object, Memory Management, static keyword,constructors,Encapsulation, Abstraction(Access Specifiers, Properties) Inheritance, Polymorphism, Abstract Class, Interfaces
  • Exception Handling and multi threading
    Exceptional handling - Introduction, Pre defined, User defined Exceptions, Exception Handlers, Difference between throw & throws, How handle multiple catch blocks,Multithreading - Introduction, Types of Threads, Life Cycle of Thread, Thread Synchronization.




Hands on Hours

18 Hours

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Ramesh V

Lead Technical Trainer


Senior Technical Trainer

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