PHP Workshop

PHP Workshop

This hands on instructor LED classroom training will equip developers with the knowledge they understand the end to end process of developing PHP Application. At the conclusion of this class, students will have good experience on HTML, CSS, PHP as well as the Development part.

Course Contents

  • Html Introduction
    • Basic Tags(html,head,title,body,img,a href,br,table,text,radio,chechbox,text area etc.)
  • CSS Introduction
    • Inline - using the style attribute in HTML elements
    • Internal - using the <style> element in the <head> section.
    • External - using external CSS files.
    • Introduction to PHP Script.
    • Looping statement in PHP Script.
    • Working with Predefined functions.
    • Maintaining Validations in PHP Script.
    • Miscellaneous.
  • PHP
    • PHP's role in the WWW.
    • Language fundamentals.
    • PHP Basics.
    • Variable rules.
    • Storing & retrieving information in variables.
    • Decision making in PHP
    • Operators
    • Conditional Statements and Loops
    • Functions
    • Variable scope in PHP
  • Working with web
    • Working with web forms
    • PHP POST & GET form elements
    • Validating form data
  • MySQL
    • A brief history of databases
    • Relational database concepts
    • Database tables
    • MySQL Data types
    • Introduction to PHP Myadmin
    • Creating and Checking Tables
    • Auto increment and Primary Keys
    • Inserting Values into Tables
    • How to retrieve the Table Values
  • Note: By the end of this workshop students will be able to develop PHP applications on their own. Putting altogether with practical exposure – Lab project




Hands on Hours

18 Hours

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Naveen Gude

Lead Technical Trainer

Ramesh V

Lead Technical

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