Web Designing Workshop

Web Designing

Web Designing Workshop. Web Designing is the process of creating websites. It encompasses several different aspects, including webpage layout, content production, and graphic design

Course Contents

  • Introduction of different Web Technologies
    • Basic Elements, Attributes, Headings, Paragraphs, Formatting, Fonts, Styles, Links, Images
    • Designing of Tables, Lists, Forms, Quick List, Layout, Frames
    • Difference between Frame, div and Iframe. Html Iframe, Doctypes, Head, Meta, Scripts, Entities, URLs, URL Encode, Media, Audio, Object, Video, YouTube, Media Tags
    • HTML5 Introduction, New Elements, Video, Video/DOM, Audio, Drag and Drop, Canvas, SVG, Canvas vs. SVG
  • CSS
    • Introduction to CSS, Types Of CSS, Syntax, Id & Class, Styling, Backgrounds, Text.
    • Styling Fonts, Links, Lists, Tables. Box Model, BorderOut, lineMargin, Padding
    • Advanced Elements, Grouping/Nesting, Dimension, Display, Positioning, Floating, Align, Navigation Bar, Image Gallery, Image Opacity, Image Sprites
  • JavaScript
    • Javascript Basics, Overview, Syntax, Enabling, Placement, Variables, Operators, If...Else, Switch Case, While Loop, For Loop For...in, Loop Control, Functions, Events, Cookies, Page Redirect, Dialog Boxes, Void Keyword, Page Printing.
    • JavaScript Objects-Number, Boolean, Strings, Arrays, Date, Math, RegExp, HTML DOM
    • Advanced-Error Handling, Validations, Animation, Multimedia, Debugging, Image Map, Browsers




Hands on Hours

18 Hours

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Naveen Gude

Lead Technical Trainer

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